Programming and commissioning

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Our expertise at the service of your projects.

Concept Light designs and programs control systems as well as lighting, sound and video solutions according to the customer’s needs.

We offer different levels of control, from the simplest to the most complex installation, with assistance in the project and commissioning with the installer or the end customer.

Our expertise

Programming and commissioning
of control systems

Programming &
lighting control

Home automation solutions

Smart city

Maintenance and
Technical Assistance

Functionality design
and user ergonomics

For a global and efficient management of your installations

Our technical skills in lighting, sound and video management systems are based on the following areas

  • Remote management and monitoring of equipped sites
  • DMX, ARTNET, DALI, CRESTRON programming
  • VideoMapping
  • Videoconferencing
  • Architectural enhancement
  • Training on systems and protocols
  • Assistance to the project manager or installer
  • Smart City, Public Lighting and Illumination Management
  • Centralized management
  • Control of your lighting, your spaces, your atmosphere.

Smart City, the intelligent city thanks to the programming and control of systems

The aim is to provide you with the best possible user experience, which includes

  • Control of public lighting in ON/OFF mode
  • Control of various DALI street lights
  • DMX dynamic street lighting control
  • 4K UND video control and distribution to projectors – Energy metering reporting (RTU or BacnetIP modules)
  • Customised supervision interface
  • Local or remote PC/tablet/phone supervision
  • Control linked to the city’s night-time visits
  • Dialogue with third-party software possible via open API on PLCs (RS232/TCPIP/ModbusRTU/BacnetIP)

Your customers gain in comfort!

Centralizing and automating the control of any device brings
comfort and security to the user. Concept Light provides
professionals with its expertise in automated control and
dimming systems for lighting, sound and video.