Design and manufacture

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Manufacturer of customised lighting
solutions since 1994

In addition to the sale of technical lighting, architectural lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting, we offer mounting, wiring and programming solutions as well as the development and manufacture of locksmith parts and custom-made lighting. This ranges from aluminium profiles or custom-made LED ribbons to technical lighting, decorative suspension and chandeliers for your lighting projects.

Customised cabling

Our products are delivered with a standard cable length. We are aware that operational constraints on site can sometimes be tricky. That is why we offer our customers the option of ordering their equipment with the appropriate cable length to meet the project requirements.

Quality luminaires with high performance thanks to heat dissipation.

We carefully design the thermal dissipation of our visible and invisible LED floodlights to optimise their performance and longevity. This thermal performance guarantees low energy consumption for maximum power output. Each luminaire is subjected to controls throughout our process. We guarantee the quality of our products through our integrated QSE management system.

Finally, we carefully select our partners in order to remain faithful to our eco-responsible approach.

After-sales service and guarantees

Our products are covered by the European lighting industry’s standard 2-year warranty. This warranty can be extended to 5 years on request. The warranty covers all defects related to design, manufacture or non-conformity of components. However, it does not cover improper handling, installation or use of the product.

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Sustainable Development Societal and Environmental Issues – CSR

We attach particular importance to the environmental impact of the products we design, short circuits in the supply of our components and materials. Partners who also place importance on short supply chains and share the same environmental values are favoured. LEDs are known for their long life, low power consumption, ease of operation and energy efficiency. In addition, their manufacture is very low in harmful substances.

Concept Light is committed to developing eco-designed and eco-friendly luminaires whenever possible in order to reduce the environmental impact of its products throughout their life cycle. We work with an external auditor to develop Circular Economy Statements (CES) for the products and services we offer. This allows consumers to obtain all the information

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Example of our achievements

Crypt luminaire, case study of a custom installation.