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Audiovisual integration

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Our goal is to

To simplify everyday life and enhance experiences through our audio and video solutions services with customised control. Our multidisciplinary team and our range of skills enable us to guarantee expertise in the following areas

Audiovisual integration

Integration of audio and video solutions, centralised control, multi-device connections, IPTV

Video conferencing

Individual and group equipment, cloud or integrated infrastructures, document sharing..

Collaborative work

Interactive tools, touch screen, digital paperboard, VPI, video capture, live broadcast, VOD.

Digital signage

Digital communication, broadcasting of animated and illustrated messages

Customised audiovisual furniture

Design and manufacture of audio and video terminals according to your projects, furniture, customizable supports, etc

Audiovisual services

Sound, video and computer broadcasting, simultaneous interpretation etc..

Our markets

Tailor-made solutions adapted to each profession

Cultures and stage technology

Concept Light provides support and advice for your scenographic projects with its audio, video and lighting solutions and services.

We work with all types of buildings such as museums, arenas, training centres, etc. for the integration of lighting and audio-video solutions.

Companies (small and medium-sized businesses, private and public groups)

We accompany your company to facilitate the modernization of spaces with collaborative solutions to ensure your teams an effective and secure communication of exchanges or display.


We provide turnkey solutions for classrooms in elementary, primary and secondary schools as well as for higher education. Institutions for higher education are forced to have more and more hybrid rooms in order to carry out face-to-face or remote courses

We support you in this project, which must meet the new challenges of teaching. We help you to adapt your lecture theatres or classrooms in the choice of the technology adapted to your teaching systems:

  • Parameterisation / Configuration
  • Delivery / integration
  • User training

Our teams want to guarantee your students a continuity of training adapted to the challenges of tomorrow


Concept Light supports you in all stages of your reflections and projects in your business. All of the services we offer are designed to facilitate and enhance the user experience on the solutions deployed (digital signage, video wall). We can also create a unique service interface for customers and users and collect data, drive your media screens inside and outside your store

Points of sale are undergoing a revolution, they are becoming connected, interactive, their goal is to accompany visitors throughout their journey while processing their data in real time, they are becoming an experience space. Shops are reinventing themselves, long live connected commerce!

Sound systems for shops, LED lighting for shops, home automation solutions.

Public sector

Concept Light assists you in all stages of your thinking and in your projects for solutions and remote communication services for your public services (boardroom, videoconferencing, reception, display, concierge services, etc.)

Particularly aware of new technologies, Concept Light supports public sector actors in the implementation of connected, adapted and tailor-made systems.

Examples of our achievements and audiovisual integrations