LEDflex & profile

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Customised led ribbon, neon led or led profile.

Our range of led ribbon, neon led or profile led is suitable for fixed, ambient or dynamic lighting, both indoors and outdoors.

Whether 230V, 24V or 12V, all our led flex products are environmentally friendly and meet the highest quality standards for customised installation.


  • Cutting and machining of the profile
  • Any type of cut on the aluminium profile
  • Time saving preparation on site with pre-wiring
  • Customised led ribbon
  • Scenario programming
  • Advice and support

LED resin coating

This technology makes LED lights efficient and usable in any environment. It also protects their components from all types of external agents, ensuring a long life and increasing their reliability.

The use of specific resins designed for lighting allows to cover and protect the LEDs in a safe and durable way.

Extreme conditions

High resistance

Quality of light

Long life

Examples of projects with LEDflex