Video Mapping

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Our mapping solutions and immersive rooms

Create animation, interaction and improve your attractiveness by highlighting your buildings or spaces. Mapping offers a complete immersion to your visitors for a unique experience. We create a set of audiovisual solutions that meet the challenges of digital transformation and the animation of territories through cultural, sports and event levers.

The Mapping system allows for a high level of projection accuracy. This durable system replaces a large number of lighting projectors and generates less costs, less maintenance and no light pollution.

Its low power consumption, in relation to the area illuminated, and its small size, make it both an economical and discreet asset. With all these technical advantages, highlighting mapping is a new way of thinking about urban lighting. It is the lighting of tomorrow!

Concept Light offers a complete range with its CL VP BOX video projection boxes, its scalable street furniture and its totally modular TOURMEDIA.