Innovation: Light and ecology

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We have always been particularly sensitive to the environment and we work daily on technical innovation of our products and night lighting management

Map of light pollution in France and Europe

For us, this alliance is an ecological and economic challenge that requires dialogue and expert exchanges with our ranges or customised designs

We have been meeting these objectives for many years by optimising the duration of lighting thanks to our lighting control applications and our automatic controllers that we program in this respect. But also our technical products: gobo, video mapping and others also respecting the measures against light pollution.

Map of light pollution in the world (Source Wikipedia)

Our areas of intervention on light pollution

Temporal axis

is to plan lighting in time: schedules, duration, calendar, scenarios, etc.

Spatial axis

is to adapt the spatial organisation of light points: density, position, etc

Technical axis

is to act on the characteristics of the luminaires: height, spectrum, flux, etc.

Management of night lighting

Temporal axis

Manage the lighting in time (schedules, duration, etc.)

Spatial axis

Acting on the characteristics of the luminaires (height, spectrum, flux, etc.)

Technical axis

Adapting the spatial organisation of light points (density, position, etc)